New Beginnings

So… I guess it is time to jump on here and let you know about all the crazy things that have been going on. 

Yes, yes I know things may have been a little quiet in the design department over the last 8 months. Lulu, Moto and Princess Ruby have been itching to get back to work, but I can assure you that it most certainly has not been quiet behind the scenes.

Malta became our home for the last 7 years and I am so thankful to this little island in the Mediterranean for giving us the springboard needed to launch Little Scribblers over 3 years ago. Our sensory and motor skills classes were fortunately a great success, and we had the honour of being part of so many little ones early memories through the classes, parties and school outings we provided. The next step saw the birth of Little Scribblers on Tour, which inevertantly turned my almost tidy house into some sort of design studio/factory/warehouse. Mix in a few kids and several crates of class equipment… well yes you can imagine. 

Little Scribblers on Tour activity packs give grown-ups the opportunity to continue the play based learning experienced in our classes, whilst at home, as well as out and about. Fortunately we have had first hand experience of entertaining little ones on the go, when all they really want to do is stick their fingers in your drink or hang upside down on the chair instead of waiting patiently. Thankfully we were kids before, albeit a VERY long time ago, and know how tricky it can be to remain a little still sometimes. We are dedicated to investing in our children’s future. Lets build them up! Empower young people and they will change the world. 

Now the exciting part!

In September last year we had an incredible opportunity to make New Zealand our new home and we grabbed it with both hands… actually with everything we could. We literally had 3 weeks to pack up our entire lives, including the business, 3 kids and a dog. I am not sure if anyone has ever moved house so quickly, but all I can say is that I do not plan on moving to the other side of the world in 3 weeks EVER again. The good news is that we made it, all in one piece too! Having never stepped foot on this island before, it is safe to say we absolutely love this place, and as you can see Moto, Ruby and Lulu have settled in nicely too. We feel so incredibly lucky to have this opportunity and I would really recommend visiting if you ever get the opportunity (the country, not my home. Not sure everyone would fit). 

What’s next?

On that note, we’d better get back to work and deliver on our promise of continuing to provide fun and exciting activities to little ones around the world. 

We have been sitting on 4 new packs, but due to our exciting adventure we simply have not been able to release anything. Thankfully our container arrived in New Zealand and all our stock is nicely tucked up in our garage. The first of these packs will be launching in the next few week in the UK, so watch this space.  

Since I have waffled away for far too long I am going to leave the next installment of our adventure for the next blog post. Now that things have settled a little I will be reaching out far more through regular updates, funnies, advice and ideas. We are all in this interesting journey called life together and I hope that our little family run business can inject a bit of happiness and … into your day to day lives.  

If you actually got to the end, thank you for reading! In the meantime stay home, keep safe and hopefully normality will resume in the not so distant future. 

All our love the Scribblers team… yes yes, that includes Moto, Ruby and of course our resident little ladybug Lulu (they made me write that!).

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