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Once upon a time …

Once upon a time, a mum, Jolene, with an Accounting and Financial Management degree, three little scribblers of her own, many years of experience in Early Years childcare and education, and a real passion for enabling little ones to develop a rounded physical and academic capability, embarked on a new career path. In today’s modern world of screens, work and everything else in between, accessing play, motor skills and creativity is not easy.

Jolene quickly realised numbers and spreadsheets just aren’t as interesting to her as the development of young minds. Looking to support and introduce learning through play with children instigated the creation of Little Scribblers. Read More

Learning to dye spaghetti that did not stain little hands, as well as finding the perfect, completely edible playdough recipe, was at times far more challenging than balancing her spreadsheets. With a bit of perseverance and a lot of experimentation she got it down to a fine art. The hugely successful and well recognised Messy Play and Motor Skills classes within the community and schools gave her the springboard to develop little minds away from her classes. In a bid to support parents at home, giving them the opportunities many teachers possess, Little Scribblers On Tour was born.

Roping in poor hubby, who once offered to sketch ‘some prototypes’, and is now responsible for all the artwork, the lucky duck! The kids were even allocated jobs like packing, testing, hand modelling, you name it, all carried out with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Even Grannies and visitors found themselves bribed with coffee and cake in exchange for packing and sorting.

The activity packs have been designed using our own experiences and exposure to the Montessori, Steiner, child-led and open ended play approaches to education. The compact and reusable activity packs include everything a little one would need to engage in the chosen learning objective, laying strong, complete foundations needed to progress through their educational journey.

Play is the highest form of research, according to Einstein, who knew a thing or two about learning. Play forms the forefront and ethos of our business. If we can make learning and development fun for little ones, as well as their grown-ups, that is a job well done in our opinion.

There is so much going on behind the scenes at the moment, with heaps of exciting projects going on. We are very proud to be part of so many little ones’ learning journeys.

Meet The Team


The Boss

Scribblers’ magic ingredient. Jolene is the energy, the ideas and the driving force. She will also be the one answering your emails at all times of the night.


Creative Lead

Figuring out which pink is most pink, Sorting prototypes, trying to figure out what to write about himself right now… It’s a list of lists full of odd jobs.

Miss J

Production Manager

Because it’s not child labour if you don’t pay them, right? If you have a Scribblers pack, it’s pretty likely Jazz will have counted, packed or picked something in there.

Master A

Quality Control Manager

If he hasn’t broken it in 10 minutes, it’ll be pretty good. The master at dropping, dunking, bending and leaving in a hot car, here his skills are used to the max.

Little Miss I

Test Engineer

Her sticky fingers are all over this site and our products! Our resident princess rainbow unicorn sets the standards for usability testing and product  engagement.


The Robot

Our little mascot, this friendly little guy gets himself into mischief everywhere! You will find him in most packs, chatting to our little scribblers and lending a helping hand.

HRH Princess Ruby Scarlet III

Princess of Scribblersworld

Her smile lights up many of our packs as much as her sparkling jewellery. Our princess offers advice and helps little ones practice those oh-so-important ‘grown-up’ skills.


The Ladybird

According to feedback, our resident ladybug is a firm favorite with our little customers. You will find her lurking around on every card. Seems a bit nosey in my opinion.

"Despite popular opinion, the bedroom floor is NOT a washbasket."
Jolene the Boss