What’s in a busy bag?

All the assets you need for the activity, whether it’s a pen, blocks, pompoms or anything else. It’s all there.

The activity cards are at the heart of the syllabus. Wipe clean and laminated, they are built to last.

A brand new graphical instruction card walks you and your little one through up to 21 learning steps in one pack.

Tough, waterproof carry bag, ideal for slipping into a hand bag, slim but large enough to safely hold everything in the pack.

About Busy Bags

Little Scribblers’ Busy Bags are self contained educational activity packs that include reusable and engaging activities, ideal for keeping little ones entertained when travelling, at a restaurant or if you need a few moments of calm at home.

Our packs aim to introduce the learning through play concept, where little ones build academic and physical skill sets through the use of play techniques, all while having fun. Read More

We have developed a custom syllabus, designed to create strong foundations that children are able to build upon as they travel through their educational journey. For example, we don’t just hop straight into letter writing. All the prewriting stages are covered first  to ensure letter formation is approached with as much confidence as possible.Each pack includes all the necessary equipment needed for the targeted activity. Although children learn best through play, initially some guidance from a grown-up is needed to help fully develop the skills intended in each set. Don’t worry if they can’t do it, or perfection is not achieved initially. This is an opportunity for children to explore their own abilities with confidence. Allow them to make mistakes. Children often have a different train of thought to grown-ups. Sometimes you just have to go with it. When you feel the time is right, offer advice and encouragement.

Our intention is for grown-ups to be able to take concepts used in our classes home, as well as out and about, encouraging active learning in many areas of development. The ‘busy bags’ are divided into series’, covering different areas of learning. Individual series are also leveled, allowing  little ones to move through a series, always laying the foundations needed for the next level. Please have a look at the curriculum section for more details.

"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn."
Ignacio Estrada