Here’s a collection of the most common questions that we’ve received. If you can’t find your answer here, get in touch with us through our contact page or email


What are busy bags?

Busy bags are travel-sized portable activity packs aimed at young children, each of which focuses on a particular skill set. They contain a variety of reusable cards and props for little ones to play with, while practicing a skill and learning along the way. They are ideal to use at home or to take on the go, as they keep little ones busy and engaged. They come in handy zip-up bags that easily fit inside a handbag, allowing you to take a busy bag with you to restaurants, waiting rooms, aeroplanes and so on. They will help you to avoid screentime to entertain your little ones, while learning or develop essential skills like writing, numeracy and fine motor skills without them even realising it!


​​What’s inside the bags?!

Each bags contains:

  • A handy zip up bag
  • An info card with a list of skills covered and list of contents included
  • Instructions/guidelines for grown-ups and ideas to expand the pack further
  • A message and instructions to your little one from our Little Scribblers on Tour mascot, MOTO
  • At least 4 double-sided, reusable activity cards
  • Props to complete the activities with (such as buttons, pegs, blocks, markers etc)


Who are they for? How old must my child be to use them?

Although our busy bags are levelled and divided into progressive series’, they are not restricted to any age. Different children have different abilities and should move through the busy bags at their own pace. With adult supervision and guidance, children can start using some of these bags as young as 1, and keep using them through preschool and into their early school years. Unlike most toys, our busy bags can grow with your child and can be revisited over and over as they master each skill. Please note that some bags may contain small items that are choking hazards to children under 3. Adult supervision is advised.


What are busy bags for?

Busy bags are great distractions for young children, that are enjoyable and engaging. Children can play (and learn!) with them instantly as they require zero prep, and anywhere. They are also handy tools to be used to practice important skills.

  • Restaurants, waiting rooms, sunbeds, boats, planes, airports
  • Occupational therapy
  • Birthday presents
  • Rainy day activities
  • Party bags
  • Homeschooling


What skills will be developed using Little Scribblers on Tour?

Our busy bags focus on a variety of skills including hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, number recognition, pincer grip, cognitive ability, numeracy, shape recognition, pencil control, line tracking, literacy, vocabulary development and more. Each bag contains an information sheet where each skill covered is clearly listed.


How do I go about choosing?

Different children have different abilities and acquire skills at different rates. Each bag focuses on different skills or areas of learning. Let your child be your guide and pick the bag you think will be most appealing to them, or most useful depending on their development.


Do I have to buy an entire series or can I pick and choose?

You can pick just one! However, each series is levelled and progresses from one to another, thus working very well as a set.


Can these bags be used in schools or daycare centres?

Yes! Each bags was designed by a team of child-care specialists, including primary school teachers, following a syllabus that covers all the skills taught in early education. Contact us directly for bulk orders.


Who makes the bags?

Little Scribbler on Tour is a family business. Currently every single pack is designed, produced and packed by someone in our household. We pride ourselves in quality and love the creativity behind each and every pack. Many hours of work have gone into producing these resources, to allow grown-ups that little extra quiet time with fun and development for little ones.


One item from my bag has gone missing/is broken. Can it be replaced?

Definitely. We are committed to providing the best and will try our utmost to assist you. Email us on and we will advise accordingly.


Do you offer international shipping?

Yes! We have 2 distribution centres in Malta and in the UK, but we can also ship these light-weight little bags to anywhere in the world. Contact us for shipping quotations.


How long does it take to get my order?​

I usually ship within 3 days of when you placed your order. Email notifications will be received once an order has been completed, as well as shipped, with the relevant tracking number. Please contact me for international shipping and we will be happy to discuss the options available.


Can I collect my order?​​

Of course! Please contact me for collection details and we will try our best.


Do you have a returns policy?​

Yes! We are more than happy to accept returns or exchanges. Please feel free to get in touch on within 7 days of your purchase.


I received a defective/wrong item. Can I return it?

Yes of course you can! We pride ourselves in our quality, but we are also human. Every now and then we may get things wrong. Please get in touch on asap and we will make arrangements to rectify the situation.

What payment methods are accepted?

Currently, we accept payments from all major credit cards and PayPal.

How can I get in touch with you?

Please feel free to email us on, send us a message through our contact form or find us on Facebook.