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Ready for Big School Multipack

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Wonderful multipack deal for all preschoolers! We have selected three of our favourite packs, targeted at helping your little one with the essential skills they will need as they start Primary or Elementary School. Giving you 60 different activities, these packs are specially selected with the National Curriculum EYFS in mind.


This multipack covers numeracy through to 20, with both Beach Blocks and its extension pack. Literacy and letter forming is handled by Sign Here, and Shapeosaurus will address knowledge of shapes. All three packs combine to give a heap of other opportunities to work on additional counting, colour recognition and fine motor skills as your little one explores the world of Moto, Princess Ruby and Lulu. 


On special offer for the summer holidays, you can save 15% over buying separate packs. Perfect for a summer at home or on the road. We’ll even accept your little one’s future nursery or school for our School Support scheme.